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Martin Trade Solutions is a company established in Miami, FL, offering international purchasing services. Our values are based on providing excellent service and product delivery, at the best prices delivered at the fastest time possible. We depend on highly qualified individuals with the necessary experience in industry product purchasing, which allow us to understand the requirements of our clients’ needs.


Martin Trade Solutions specializes in industrial products and is capable of locating and distributing these products to any part of the world. It is what we call “SERVICE AROUND THE WORLD”. Our service eliminates the clients need to purchase and calculate the logistics of shipping the products. Locating the product, negotiating the price, quoting, purchasing, and delivery are aspects that are all handled by Martin Trade Solutions. We work directly with shipping companies who have offices around the world and through them; we can arrange delivery to the clients’ final destination, reducing the costs of transportation.




Martin Trade Solutions adapts itself to the international purchasing needs of each one of its clients, allowing us to reassure the client that we are an extension of their purchasing department located abroad. Martin Trade Solutions interacts directly with the personnel in charge of purchasing, offering them the best products, the most popular brands, at the best price possible.


The shipping services that we offer to all of our clients are F.O.B. port/airport of shipment or C.I.F. port/airport of the client’s country final destination. We leave the responsibility to the client to take care of the customs process at the final destination, since they are more familiar with the required permits and documents needed for the products to be cleared through customs.




Martin Trade Solutions can handle special orders and requests. Our company can handle special materials, industrial parts, cranes, machines, forklifts, tools, raw materials, chemicals, and many other types of products. We deal directly with the manufacturers and we are constantly following up with them to ensure a timely delivery. Finally, Martin Trade Solutions coordinates the shipping method by air or by sea, to the client’s final destination following any specific instructions given for the special order.


Our client list is very diverse. We handle purchasing for automobile manufacturing companies, food-processing companies, factories that produce chemical products, metal producing factories, automobile parts industries, electrical equipment companies, gas industries, paper industries, petroleum industries, heavy equipment manufactures, Industrial equipment manufactures, Construction equipment Manufactures and general import companies.



Martin Trade Solutions can offer its expertise in many areas related to your companies needs such as selection of products and brands, logistics, shipping services around the world, international financing, etc. We are sure that our services will help lower costs, not only on the materials/products that we find but also on administrative costs while also improving the efficiency of your international purchasing needs. 

Construction Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Raw materials, Machine Parts, Logistics, Sales, Services, Procurement
Martin Trade Solutions

Your company has needs... we have solutions!

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